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Water Beads Care

To keep your arrangements at their best, the proper water beads care for their environment is essential.

After about a month of use water beads will begin to shrink as they hydrate your plants or flowers. To enlarge the beads to original size, place them in a colander or strainer and rinse with cold water. If algae has developed on them they will appear cloudy - use diluted Schultz liquid fertilizervarious water bead uses to kill any bacteria and rinse again with cold water. Then place the beads in a large baking dish with 2-3 cups of cold water for 3-4 hours and allow to expand back to size. After any excess water is drained, they are now ready to be used again.

If your beads are not rehydrated they will gradually revert back to their original pelletized form. Beads will dehydrate faster if they are spread out on a plate or flat surface. Once they have completely dehydrated they may be stored until you are ready to use them again. Be sure to maintain them in a cool, dry place using a recloseable bag.

Keep finished beads clean and at room temperature. Also, avoid direct sunlight. Following these measures for water beads care will ensure that your beads last as long as possible.

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