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Sensory Water Beads For Learning

Water beads aren't just for flowers and crafts!

Preschool sensory water beads There is so much more to using water beads than just as a vase filler. More and more preschools have begun using them as sensory water beads for educational and fun activities with almost endless possibilities. They can be used in water and light tables, not to mention mixing them with paint, shaving cream and almost anything else you can think of for a fun learning experience your class won’t forget!

Preschoolers benefit from sensory water beads by developing motor skills, learning science, experiencing colors and expressing creativity. Use Clear beads and watch them disappear in water, then let the children go fishing for them. Have them sorted by color and/or size. Try scooping and pouring a bunch. How many can your children count? And don’t forget how much fun it is to grow them!

After just 6 hours our beads are fully hydrated and ready to use. Teachers will appreciate how our colors will not bleed or fade, unlike some of the beads available in retail stores. They are also non-toxic, but adult supervision is always required for use with small children to avoid any potential choking hazards. Hands should always be washed prior to handling the beads.

Kids will love the cool, squishy sensation of water beads. Teachers will love all the new ways that sensory skills can be taught. And schools will love the value they get by purchasing our bulk bags!water beads for sensory development in preschool

Some cool ideas for sensory water beads include:

- Make a "cake" using shaving cream and decorate it with beads

- Allow some of the beads to dehydrate and see how they shrink back to their original size. Place the dehydrated beads back in water and watch them grow again to full size.

- Roll them or bounce them and see how they travel.

- Monitor their growth as they expand in water. Not only will they change in size, but their shape will go from round to irregular and eventually back to round.

- Construct a light box by using a clear plastic storage bin with clear Christmas lights inside. Place the sensory water beads on top and experience their translucence as light passes through them.

- Empty a bunch of finished beads into a water table or onto a tray and ask the children to pick out certain colors or sort them all by color. For enhanced motor skills development have them use a slotted spoon to select the beads of their choice.

- Have children gradually pinch or squeeze a single bead until it bursts.

- Pour a bunch of beads into a funnel and watch them flow through.

- Set golf tees in a base of Styrofoam and place beads on top of the tees to practice motor skills.

- Cover them in finger paint and roll them across plain paper to make designs.

There's something taking the preschool world by storm. See what all the buzz is about. Turn your preschoolers on to sensory water beads and watch them experience learning like never before!




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