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Water Beads for Home Decor

Looking for something to add a new touch to your home’s interior? How about a reusable splash of color that is fun and versatile! Or even a conversation piece to share with friends and family…

Look no further!


About Water Beads

Made of non-toxic polymer, they absorb water up to 100 times their weight and expand to resemble glass marbles. Soak them in water for six hours and you’ll be amazed at how these little granules transform into something beautiful and fun. Even better is the fact that they can be used over and over again!

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The Science of Water Beads

Too good to be true? Not if you’re using water beads! You’ve reached the right place if you are looking for a unique alternative to watering plants and flowers. Our beads keep arrangements moist and lightly watered in an array of available colors. Maintaining your floral and plant décor has never been easier!

What are Water Beads?

They are basically non-toxic, water absorbing polymers that expand in size to resemble glass marbles. Other names for this versatile product include water pearls, water gems, aqua gems and crystal soil. The science behind these beads originated with commercial applications for the prevention of soil erosion. The beads would help absorb excess rainfall and reduce runoff. The same polymer compound is now used to manufacture diapers as well as liners for meat packaging. It is also used for landscaping installations in dryer climates.

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Choosing a Supplier

Whether you are looking to buy water beads for your wedding, preschool class or business, it is important that you purchase them from the right supplier. Here are some helpful hints to consider when shopping for beads:


The quality can best be determined by the product’s firmness, as softer beads will crumble easier and shrink faster. Also, hydrated beads should be consistent in size and shape and give the appearance of glass marbles. With the exception of Black and White, colors should sparkle and not appear dull.



How many colors are available? Can you buy in bulk, or is selection limited to smaller, more expensive packages? Also, if you are buying wholesale, check to ensure all items are in stock. A supplier must be counted on to have the items you need in inventory.


You may see water beads advertised at a lower price, only to end up paying more because of shipping charges added at checkout. When shopping for beads, find out how long it takes for your order to actually be processed and ready for shipping, as that can slow down the delivery time for your purchase. Tracking information should be provided regardless of the carrier and type of shipping. And if you find yourself in a pinch, can the supplier offer expedited shipping at a reasonable rate?

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Learning with Water Beads

Water beads for kids? That’s right! They aren’t just for floral arrangements and decoration. They also make a great learning tool and toy, all in one. More and more preschools are finding out how they can be utilized to aid child development in a new and fun way. The most popular application is to use them in sensory tables to maximize their educational benefits.

Water beads start out small but end up being big on fun and learning. Children will be amazed at how they grow, feel and look, not to mention how they love their "squishiness". Give them just 6 hours in water and let the party begin!

Colorful Waterbeads

A Few Fun Ideas for Your Kids

There’s no better way to learn than from experience, and water beads provide a unique method of helping kids gain basic skills. Children benefit by developing motor skills, learning science, recognizing colors and expressing creativity. Try these activities to further open your child’s world to learning:

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How to Store Water Beads

Water beads are not only fun, versatile and easy to use, but they can be used over and over. There are several methods of storage available so they can be used again. Additionally, you can make them in advance of your event and have them ready to go whenever they are needed.

Store Them In Their Original Form: Water beads will shrink back to their original size once they are fully dehydrated. To shrink them as quickly as possible, spread them out on a clean, dry surface (cookie sheets are great) to allow exposure to air. Once the beads have dried out and returned to their original size, place them in a resealable plastic bag and store them at room temperature with low humidity. To reuse them just follow the same instructions as when you first grew the beads.

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